Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pattern: Maneki-Neko Beckoning Cat Amigurmi V2

A 4" tall amigurumi of a beckoning cat. The pattern is available on Ravelry and on Etsy. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Soooooo I died again (surprise surprise) but this time it was for almost maybe a good reason sort of. See I realized that I've kinda been...crocheting wrong? I'll go into more detail in a later post but basically my stitches never looked as neat as other people's, and I finally figured out why. I've been using the last couple months to adjust to my new style.

I also decided to finally start using sport weight yarn instead of worsted. I never liked how worsted seemed so thick and icky to work with, so I decided to make the switch. I now will exclusively use sport weight yarn with a C hook for all my pieces. Of course you can still use the old-fashioned E hook and worsted yarn (or any other combination you prefer) with my patterns and they'll turn out the same, just a bit bigger. For reference, my original Maneki-Neko pattern was 5.5" tall and this new one is 4".

Onto the actual pattern. This one isn't really a new pattern (and by that I mean not at all, it's the exact same pattern), I just kinda tweaked some stuff. I added a pink nose and some pink paw pads that look way better than those awful black lines. In fact, I ditched the black yarn completely and just used dark grey for everything instead. I changed the safety eye size to 9mm to be in proportion with the smaller amigurumi. I also moved the whiskers on the right side onto the orange part because that's where they should be and I'm dumb for doing otherwise. :P
Old vs. New
So in order to practice my new crocheting methods, I've been going back and crocheting some of my crappier patterns and making slight edits. As of right now I have Popplio and the sweater bunny redone, and I'm currently working on Rowlet. I also have 3 new patterns (well not new, they're super old, I just never uploaded them) that should hopefully go up soon.

ALSO I forgot to mention that I've been having some problems with my gmail account, namely emails not showing up until a few days after they were sent. If you sent me an email in the last month and I didn't respond, I apologize! Whatever problem was happening seems to have mostly resolved itself, though it does act up occasionally. If I don't respond to an email you sent, try sending me a message on Etsy. I check Etsy daily so I'm sure to see messages there. Sorry about that!

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