Friday, June 24, 2016

Pattern: Espeon Amigurumi REVAMP

A revamped version of my Espeon amigurumi measuring 6" tall. The pattern is available on Ravelry and on Etsy. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

So I died again, sorry about that. I decided that I had to knit two pillows and a blanket for myself all within a month. My fingers feel like death.

Anyway, more revamps. So I really didn't like my Eeveelutions amigurumi, but decided I had to upload them because I spent so much time on them. 5 months later I am so sick of looking at them that I ripped them up and made new ones. Here's Espeon:

Sooo much better. Seriously, what was I thinking with those creepy giant plastic eyes? And that ugly felt nose. Thankfully I am finally coming to the end of my felt addiction. The eyes for the new Eeveelutions should be the end of it. I have pricked myself with the felting needle enough.

The other Eeveelutions will be coming...sometime. When I get off my dead butt and take pictures. Plus I still have to finish Glaceon and Sylveon. The old patterns won't be posted on my blog because I hate them and I'm lazy. If you really want them you can email me, but I doubt anyone would.

Also working on a Snorlax revamp and I'm eyeing my Amaterasu one as well. Plus I have a new pattern that I am so super proud of. Don't know when I'll post that either. Free Pattern Friday will probably resume once all the Eeveelutions are uploaded.

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