Friday, March 25, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Mini Ash Hat

It's pattern time. This weeks pattern is a 1.5" tall amigurumi of Ash's hat from Pokemon. The pattern is available on Ravelry or you can find it written below. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

So I've been remaking some of my old crappy patterns, one being Pikachu with the Ash Hat, and decided when I revamped that one I would make the hat a separate piece. Now you can have a stylin' hat for all your Pokemon amigurumi! The pattern for the Pikachu should be up this week. Here's a sneak preview:

I feel the need to complain. As you can see, my blog now has a new design because Blogger randomly decided to change up the templates and stuff. But now the format in a lot of my posts is completely messed up, so I need to go back and fix those. Bah. Etsy is going to have a design change soon too and I really don't like how it looks. I hate change.
Also, sorry for no free pattern last week, my felting needles decided to break all at once and I lost all motivation to crochet while waiting for new ones. Just got an order of 50 today so that should last me a while (I hope).

Anyway, happy Friday!

This is an icrochetthings original pattern © 2014-2016. Do not claim as your own. Do not copy, sell, or distribute this pattern. Do not sell any products made from this pattern. Pok√©mon belongs to Nintendo.


▪  Worsted weight yarn in red, green
▪  Felt in white
▪  E hook (3.50 mm)
▪  Scissors
▪  Tapestry needle
▪  Felting Needle

Difficulty:  Easy

You should know how to work in the round, increase, decrease, and work in the front loops.


Starting with red

1.  ch 2, 6 sc in 1st ch  (6) – Leave long tail in the beginning
2.  [inc] around  (12)
3.  [sc, inc] around  (18)
4.  [2 sc, inc] around  (24)
5.  [3 sc, inc] around  (30)
6 – 9.  [sc] around  (30)
10.  FLO: 8 sc  (8)
11.  Turn, [sc] across  (8)
12.  Turn, [sc] across, sc down to round 9, [sc] around  (40)



See pictures above if you need help with placement

▪  Use the tail from the beginning to sew a raised bump onto the top of the hat
▪  Weave in loose tails
▪  Use white felt to cut out the front half of the hat
▪  Use felting needle to secure the felt piece onto the front of the hat
▪  Use green yarn to embroider the symbol onto the front of the hat

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